Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2168

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Time: 3pm Sharp from The Premiere

Location: Magic Mountain. Go over bridge to nowhere, take the first left. Follow that road down and take the dirt road on the right. Park in the Mango Grove.

Remarks: Short 4.6km mild/moderate. Medium 7k moderate Bring candy for the village children. On Home: TBA

Hare: Deviant & Seedless

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2168 2/23/2020 Magic Mountain. Go over bridge to nowhere, take the first left. Follow that road down and take the dirt road on the right. Park in the Mango Grove. Short 4.6km mild/moderate. Medium 7k moderate Bring candy for the village children. On Home: TBA Deviant & Seedless

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2147 9/29/2019 Under The Bridge To Nowhere. 2 trails short approx. 5 KM, and the long is longer. Nothing difficult. Easy wet season run. On Home Premier Hotel Honey Dew & Vlad The Impaler
2146 9/22/2019 Margot, close to Deca Homes. Pass Friendship gate (don't go through gate), continue under SCTEX, turn left towards Deca Homes, just before gate - turn left on to small dirt road. Last time we started there was on Suso's & Vendor Bender's excellent hash September 18th. Click run # for map. After weeks of ridiculously long and dishonest hash trails, Scatman is bringing back some sanity to the rainy season hash. All flat (no hills-and I do mean NO hills), no wet feet unless it pisses down rain and makes puddles, and an honest one length somewhere between 5-6km (no short/medium/long). If thatโ€™s not enough for u tough guys, then you can run it twice. Proposition can run it 3 times; the rest of us will have a nice hike. On Home is Barbarinos on Zeppelin Str. Scatman & Suso
2145 9/15/2019 LOCATION CHANGE - TOO WET !!! Now at Mango Grove. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, right at "T junction", right at rock crushing plant, over Bailey bridge, left turn at end of long wall, follow road for about 1 km to a spot near the Mango grove. FAT BOYS REVENGE' - Weight watchers 'Lost Souls' and 'Cherry Arse' have set a gently undulating 7km Sunday afternoon hike. Only a few puddles to step over, no mud, no high grass, no long hills or dangerous descents and easily achievable for al hashers mindful of the fine physical specimens that are the two hares who set this trail. On-home is Premiere Hotel List Soles & Cherry Ass
2144. 9/8/2019 Bamban,start will be near lady of Lourdes shrine, as you turn off MacArthur hiway look for marks to start.โœ” One trail, about 7km. On-Home Niagara, there will be BBQ available. Girls and Hashers over 75 can be seated, the rest standing with beer in hand talking about all the changes in our town..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘. Click on run No. for rough guide to start. Two Bottles & Sirena.
2143 9/1/2019 East from Bridge to Nowhere Over Bridge to Nowhere. U-turn under the bridge. Turn right, carry on for about 1.5km. Pass the small village, on about 100m and turn right through the gap in the bushes into the field. Long about 8km Medium about 6km On on at the Premiere Inn Nancy Boy
2142 8/25/2019 Maining Road, meet at the A frame house (starting point for many hash runs) about 4km on right hand side. Note the 2nd Bamban bridge is closed - coming from Angeles on the MacArthur Highway you will need to turn right after the Bamban coathanger bridge and divert through Bamban, then turn left back onto the highway to pick up the start of Maining Road A few weeks out from the 77th anniversary of the epic WW2 Kokoda Trail battles in the New Guinea highlands, aussies Deviant and Cherry Arse have laid a scenic jungle trail across the top of the range at Maining. There will be a first aid post at the top of the range dispensing cold medicinal beer and an evacuation station at the bottom of the range for wounded and exhausted hashers unable to make it the last 2km back to the starting point. On-home is premiere hotel Click on run number to see what kind of hash run to expect Deviant & Cherry Ass
2141 8/18/2019 Margot, close to Deca Homes. Pass Friendship gate (don't go through gate), continue under SCTEX, turn left towards Deca Homes, just before gate - turn left on to small dirt road. We have been there many times before. Nothing new! Boring, almost flat 5.5km trail. If you liked the previous two weeks hashes with mud and water up to your knees, you will be disappointed. No ski slopes full of mud on this trail. On home is Premiere Hotel. Suso & Vendor Bender
2140 8/11/2019 Jalung Porac. Drive to Porac,go straight past the bridge until the road ends.turn left and then right at the first Street. continue until the village jalung. turn right at school continue down the hill to the river. cross river on small bridge. Trail passes Dara Falls. Fairly easy 7 km. On-home Premier Bush Diver
2139 8/4/2019 Under The Bridge To Nowhere One trail 6km (but short-cuts available). This is a "dry shoes" trail ... but it WILL rain and you WILL get soaked ... so don't blame the hares for your wet shoes! Transport departs Premiere 3PM. On-Home is Premiere. Proposition and Wild Wolf!
2138 7/28/2019 Sapangbato cemetery. Pass the sari sari store, park at the open area to the right. On-home is premiere Short 5.5k, long 6.5k. Vlad the lmpaler & Kaput
2137 7/21/2019 Go to Porac, from there travel 4 Km and turn right at "Sweet Crystals" sugar mill sign.Past the sugar mill turn left after expressway underpass. 500m to start area of run in small mango tree grove. Runs will be 5.5 and 6.5 Km approx.. On Home at BARBARINOS. dances with dogs and kuntstubble
2136 7/14/2019 Heli Pad at San Vicente. GPS: 15.23681, 120.52975. Over the bridge to nowhere, right at T-junction then at the second barangay take a sharp left up the hill. One great trail about 7km. On home Premiere. Egghead & Anal Acrobat
2135 7/7/2019 Mainang Take Macarthur highway north about 1 1/2 kms past the coat hanger bridge. Turn left on Mainang road and drive just past where the pavement ends. Look for the marks. On Home Premier Hotel Bush Diver
2134. 6/30/2019 Xevera, Mabalacat. Sctex to Dolores, exit there then right onto MacArthur, on for 800m then Left into Xevera housing development then Left again onto Kabayan Drive. Easy runs, 5 and 7Km. one small hill. On-Home Premiere. Rainy Season is coming..๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ Click on run No. for Map. Kunt Thief. & Stolen Property.
2133 6/23/2019 Start Magic Mountain, move under bridge if it rains later. Long 7 km and short 5 km. On home Premiere Induces and Helper(s)
2132 6/16/2019 On Base start at behind the Dinosaur Park we been there before.. drive into car park after horse stables and keep going to back of Dinosaur Park. Will be a 7 kms medium trail with possibly a 4 kms short trail ... will decide on the day. On Home at Premier Finger in the Dyke & Dickhead
2131 6/9/2019 ((Google Maps type: 15.243963,120.521274)) Go over Sacobia River Bridge (Bridge to Nowhere) follow road to the T junction at the end, turn right. Follow road 2km. Turn left immediately after the big shelter for trucks. After rock crushing plant turn 1st right. Follow dirt road for 1.5km. Right turn will be marked. Park near my car (silver hilux), walk down slope towards river for the start. Short 5.5km (Flat) Medium 6.5km (with 1 climb) Long 9km (with 1 climb) All trails have shallow river crossings. Big Sister
2130. 6/2/2019 Near Decca homes.Margot. from friendship take the Sapang Bato road, past the cement plant, through the Sctex underpass, then after 600m turn left, just before the security gate at Decca turn left through the gate. Two trails, 5.5km and 10km, dry feet if it's not raining๐Ÿ˜, and mainly flat, so not difficult. On-Home Premiere. Keep the Change & Dr. Death.
2129. 5/26/2019 Wooden house, Mainang 15.267768 120.531348 1.3km after the coathanger bridge turn left. Start is on main road 3.6km from turn. Detail directions: expressway. Enter clark south, exit dolores, right on MacArthur hwy, 4km, left at bus stop mainang road. 3.6km start wooden house. Nonexpressway (not recommended) MacArthur hwy, 12km from circle of death turn left, 3.6km on main road Trails-Short 5km. Long 6.5km. On-Home Premiere. As always, if you are a leader of a nation you may shake the hand of meatless. If not, you can take your dirty sweaty hand and shake seedlessโ€™s handโ€ฆ.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ Meatless, Seedless & Ballchecker.
2128. 5/19/2019 Ayala. Mt.Arayat.. go through Magalang, turn left then right onto Magalang-Pac Rd.At pampanga Agri College roundabout go left,Just to clarify this roundabout, go around and take the second exit, continue for about 3km, then it will be a right turn,marked with calsamine from that point to the start. On-Home. Scandinavian mental Hospital..(aka. Ni-Agara) Two trails, short about 4km, medium longer. The owner of Niagara is putting on a BBQ, asorted meats +rice or potato salad, I don't know the cost.. I have added a map that might on run No. Two bottles & Sirena