Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

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2250 3/20/2022 Former Gate 14. Take the road behind the water park. Right at the hotel. Follow the the dirt road to the end. 5 km run.(wet feet) Bring enough water. Lots of kids to give you a smile for a candy. 20 pesos parking fee. Trucker F. & Kaput
2249 3/13/2022 Florida Blanca Directions: after sctex exit Florida, past the the toll gates follow the road for approx 1km. Then sharp right turn. Will be marked. Follow the road and look for 2 snake his Isuzu pick up at the left hand side of the road. Will also mark. Trails: short 3,5 km Medium 5km Long 6.8km All with refreshing wet feet Harriettes bring your bikinis, hashers please NOT. At the end of the trail there are 2 angry dogs. Take your responsibility if you bring your own. Hares Kuya Gay and 2 snakes. Kuya Gay and 2 snakes.
2248 3/6/2022 By the river past Sitio Camachile. Over Bridge to Nowhere Turn right at San Vicente Left at rock crushing plant First right Follow road down to riverbank The usual Nancy stuff. Long around 7km with hill. Short around 5-6km. Wet feet. On home at Premiere Inn. Nancy Boy and Achiko
2247 2/27/2022 Mango Grove. Over TB2NW, at T-junction go right. At rock crushing plant follow right turn. Over the bridge. Then at the end of the long wall make a left turn. You will see a 3 way fork due the worksite. Take middle and follow until the mango grove. Entrance will be marked. Trail length: Short 4,8 km with an easy hill. Long 6km with additional steep hill. With some skills could possible be dry feet. Note : As the owner of the mango grove lives on site now. The place is cleaned up and we got permission to go there , after telling that we are the old hiking group. So please respect the place and the owners , so we can keep going there . They also have a couple of dogs there, and small farm animals. Watch your own pets or leave them home. Kuya Gay & Two Snakes
2246 2/20/2022 Abel’s Farm @ Sitio Target. Go through Sapang Bato, continue over the hill to Sitio Target. Drive 1.25km past the first boom gate, which is located just before the first Puning Hot Springs Resort. The Aetas have set up stalls around the boom gate. The road will cross a small creek and Abel’s farm is just past that creek crossing on the left side. Enter the property and drive up past the small house to the back of the property and the circle will be under some shady mango trees. Other hash groups have previously used the front of the property but please don’t park there as the owner has now planted some small trees. A small donation to the owner of the property would be well regarded. The trail is 6.5km with one modest hill and then a gently undulating hike along a scenic ridge top then finally dropping down to a flat kilometre or so walk back to the circle. There are no creek crossings but a few spots following a small creek where a careless hasher might get wet feet. Cherry Arse, The Fugitive and Postman Pat
2245 2/13/2022 Close to Baliti Lake near Mt Arayat as shown in the map. Click on run Number to see map. Turns off main road will be marked with calcamite Run is 5.1km pleasant walking. For long trail - go around again. Dances with Dogs
2244 AGPU Run 2/6/2022 San Martin. Over TB2NW, left at T-junction, through the Aeta village (drive slowly - lots of kids!) Park up on top after the village. This is the best AGPU Run 2022! 6.8 km of wonderful trail, marked with paper, powder and chalk. Might be some tissue paper there also. Scrotum
2171 3/15/2020 Sitio Target Go to Sapang Bato follow the road through Sapang Bato to Puning Hot Spring. Park next door in the usual field. Two trails. Short 7Km Long 10Km On home Sunset Gardens hotel (Red Doorz) Bushwanker and Bella
2170 3/8/2020 Sapang Bato Cemetery: From Clark base take the Sapang Bato gate. Turn right and follow the powder marks up to the cemetery. We were in the same place Dec 22 Short 5Km, Medium 8.5Km approx! Nothing hard, just take your time to go down the hill! On Home Premiere Keep The Change
2169 3/1/2020 Barangay Mawaque, near Mabiga. GPS Co-ordinates: 15.214186, 120.588291 From the Mabiga exit on MacArthur Highway, go 400 metres north on the highway and take the second turn on the right down Mawaque Road at the Western Union sign. Go 1.4 kms down Mawaque Road and immediately before the NLEX overpass turn left through the arch marked Bgy Mawaque. Go 800 metres down this road through the barangay. Immediately before you again reach a humpback overpass of NLEX, there are two dirt roads to the left. Take the first of these two paths and drive for 300 metres towards the building with Don Bosco written on the roof. Trails: Short 4 kms. Medium 5 kms. Long 7 kms. All very easy and flat. The trail goes along the Quitingal River and around the lush farms of Mawaque and Dapdap. Sunshine John and Hellboy (with much help from Purgatory).
2168 2/23/2020 Magic Mountain. Go over bridge to nowhere, take the first left. Follow that road down and take the dirt road on the right. Park in the Mango Grove. Short 4.6km mild/moderate. Medium 7k moderate Bring candy for the village children. On Home: Premiere Hotel Deviant & Seedless
2167 2/16/2020 Floridablanca SCTEX Floridablanca exit. 1st right after about 1km. Follow road towards SCTEX bridge. Park on large concrete area about 250m before bridge. Long about 7.5km, short about 4.5km. On home at Premiere. Nancy Boy
2166 2/9/2020 Deca, same as 2 weeks back 01/26/2020, this time park cars adjacent to the medical building but not on the East (shady) side, set up chairs In the shade Please bring your 2020 AGPU T-shirt to the run. The picture on ACH3's facebook page is from 2015's AGPU run. It's time to replace it. Please also note that the fee for men has now returned to 350 peso. Marked trail is approx +6km, short medium and long options will be advised by the hares. On home Premiere Wingnut & Finger In The Dyke
2165 AGPU run 2/2/2020 Jerico's Hill. Go over tb2nw (The Bridge to NoWhere), turn right at T-junction, turn left at next road, go up hill, at T-junction turn left and continue up to this beautiful hill with a fantastic view over AC. T-shirt run! 600 for men, 400 for Hariettes, 200 for kids. Short trail is 4+ beautiful km, Medium is 7.5 km. Please don't steal Papaya or other fruits from the poor farmers! Instead bring some candy for the kids to support their dentist. On home is Premiere Hotel. Soggy Butt & (Vendor Bender)
2164.Australia Day Run. 1/26/2020 To Friendship, past rock crushing plant, take road on left to Deca Homes. Immediately before entrance to Deca Homes go thru' gate on the left. Go 300 metres to open ground. GPS co-ord...N15.16468 E120.54243 Short trail 5km. Long 8km. No hills No wet feet Sausage sizzle on site after the run. On-Home Premiere. Bunkablower & Smackmyarse.
2163. 1/19/2020 Near Porac. Hacienda Dolores, 3km south of the Sctex interchange, and 3km north from the Angeles to porac road, will be chalk on the road. Co-ords for Start 15.100053, 120.524442 Nice easy trail along the river short 5.ish Km long 7 ish Km. On-Home Premiere. KT. and Stolen Property.
2162 1/12/2020 The New bridge to anywhere! Drive over the Bridge To NoWhere, take first left, continue under tb2nw, follow the road about 2km. Park under the new bridge where the hares have arranged a shaded parking area. Note: Bum Steer has spent lots of days trying to find a trash dump and a river bed to walk/run on. We will know if he has succeeded on Sunday. /VB Two trails, 4.8km and 6.8km. No checks. No wet feet on the short trail. On home is O'Garden hotel. Former Sunset Garden. Bum Steer, Paddy Pacquiao and helpers
2161 1/5/2020 Hanging Bridge (Formerly Gate 14). GPS: 15.19292, 120.49229 - Get onto Clark base and head to Aqua Planet Water Park. At the back of the water park they are building a new hotel - you will find a small dirt access road on the right side. Follow that about 800m to the start. Park 100m before you get to the village at the hanging bridge. Short trail about 5Km, Long trail about 7Km. Both trails are wet feet and have one slightly difficult downhill section, but I will add a rope to assist. Unarguably the best trail so far of 2020! Egghead
2160 12/29/2019 Mango Orchard, magic mountain Short trail 4k, medium 6.5k. no wet feet. One hill, mostly easy walking. Seemore Stains & Seedless
2159 12/22/2019 Sapang Bato Take the Angeles Sapang Bato Road to the village of Sapang Bato, turn left on Dona Camila go past the school to the cemetery. Trail will start in the usual spot. On home Premier Bush Diver