Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

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2118 3/10/2019 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at the T. Across the steel bridge. Left after the concrete wall on to the Mango Grove. 1 trail about 6-6.5 k. Nothing hard. On home Premier. soggy butt
2117 3/3/2019 Mainang. Aprox. 2 km after the coathanger bridge turn left direction Mainang. The start is on the main road below the wooden house before the final hill. We have been there several times. Onhome is Premiere Hotel 6 km trail. Shortcut options. There will be a split between easy and hard. The trails join again after only 400 m. The hard trail is a must for real hashers and a no-go for the rest. If you are not confident on the hard trail, please turn around. Cujo & Kaput
2116 2/24/2019 Shock Horror... NOT at Porac. Starts at "Kurt's Mangoe trees". Bridge to nowhere, right at junction, right at crusher plant, over bailey bridge, left at end of long wall. keep going about 2Km. Trail is only 5.1 Km (not 5.7). On Home - Barbarinos, dances with dogs and mouse
2115 2/17/2019 PARADISE RANCH! Completed Proposition and Wild Wolf!
2114. 2/10/2019 San Vicente. Field on the right of the road going to the Gazebo. Bridge to Nowhere, right at the T junction,left up towards the Helipad, but instead of going to the Helipad turn left, the road has been graded.. Short 4Km Long 6Km. On-Home Premiere. Induces & Hash Discount.
2113 2/3/2019 AGPU Run @ Villa Valentine at San Martin! Completed Proposition and Never Enough
2112 1/27/2019 Margot. Turn left onto gravel road just before Deca Homes Gate! Continue to field on left close to SCTEX. We've been there many times before. Aussie run. 5km and 8km trails. No wet feet. On home is Premiere. Banka Blower & Smack my Arse
2111 1/20/2019 McArthur Hwy. Mabalacat Turn right at Camatchilles ( 1.6 Kms. past Dau traffic lights. Go straight for 3.5 Kms. Start will be marked. Jeepneys will leave Premier hotel 3 PM. Trail is approx. 6 Kms Flat run. The start is a golf course so please be careful where you park your cars.On home Premier. Kaput & Trucka
2110 1/13/2019 St. Martin. Top of Hill. Close to villa Valentine. Over Bridge to nowhere. At T-junction turn left. Follow the road through village until top of the hill 6k trail. Short trail option abailable. Onhome is Premiere Hotel Bush Diver
2109 1/6/2019 Bamban Mango Grove. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, right at "T junction", right at rock crushing plant, over Bailey bridge, left turn at end of long wall, follow road for about 2 km to Mango grove. This will be the absolutely best trail of the year! Short trail 4 km, one 50 meter hill. Longer trail 7km (will do a part of the short trail in reverse.) On Home Premiere Hotel. Deviant & Vendor Bender
2108 12/30/2018 Sitio Target - Last Trail of the Year! Put these GPS coordinates into Google maps 15.16553, 120.48905 - go on Clark base and take the Sapang Bato gate, turn right and follow the chalk up to the top of the concrete road. UPDATE: Looks like it will be wet on Sunday. The short trail is fairly flat, so still okay for a rainy day, but will be wet feet for sure Long 8Km, Short 5Km. Spectacular scenery with wet feet Egghead & Self-Satisfaction
2107. 12/23/2018 Suso mound near spillway. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, first left, then go under the bridge, and proceed though village towards spillway, about 2Km, Near gate of cattle farm. Short trail is 5Km, long 7Km. On-Home Premiere. Induces & Hash Discount.
2106 12/16/2018 Cuayan, drive west past the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Avenue, follow the dike, after SCTEX underpass take first right and continue to field on "hill". Short trail is 5.5 km. Medium trail is 7.5 km. On Home is Premiere Hotel. SusO & Vendor Bender
2105. 12/9/2018 Sapang Bato. Park to the right of the Cemetery, look for my Red Xtrail. Short trail 4km, long 6Km. trails split at the 2.5Km mark, both have a steepish hill, but 5 minutes and it's all over, on the way back there is a security gate, just Limbo dance under it and move on.. On-Home Premiere. Not my finest work, so hoping for worst trail of the year, bring wooden spoon. OnOn. Click on run No. for map of start location. Golden shower + Morf.
2104 12/2/2018 Honey Dew's farm. Directions below. Trails, runners 11km, regular 7km, medium 5km (all great views, not demanding). Walkers & Cripples 4km. On home Premiere Honey Dew
2103 11/25/2018 Jalung, Porac. Go to Porac bridge and go straight. Turn left at end and then first right (Toledo St) keep going about 1Km, follow marks to the river. About 5k run, lovely countryside. Due to roadworks on Porac road, best to take SCTEX. On Home Barbarinos. dances with dogs and KFC
2102 11/18/2018 Under the Bridge to no where Drive over the bridge turn left at the first turn follow the concrete road around to the bridge then drive down towards the river.Wet feet flat trail mostly About 8klm! ON Premiere hotel one trail lost in subic +Hynd Tit
2101 11/11/2018 Under the mango trees at Clark Adventure Park (Magic Mountain). Bridge to nowhere, first left, then first right. After the Bushranger trail last Sunday - don't worry. This will be an easy 6 km walk, no wet feet. If hares find the time there might also be a longer trail. Maybe. See More Stains & Master Bates
2100. 11/4/2018 Bamban.Mango Trees. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, right at the "T" junction, past rock crushing plant, over Bailey bridge, take left turn at end of long wall, follow track for about 1 km to mango trees. Turn-off will be marked. 5km and 7Km.. the long could be wet feet. Enjoy Hashers.. On-Home Premiere. Sirena+Stolen Property +Raging Cow.
2099 10/28/2018 CUAYAN. Go past police station five at corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Ave. Go down Poinsettia Ave and go through underpass. Turn right 30 metres pass underpass and follow the marks. Two trails a short of around 2 to 3 km (now everyone can do a full trail) and medium of around 5km (Runners feel free to go around twice, one short steep hill). Please bring plenty of candy for the kids) On home Premiere. Runisorass and Wrong Way