Sunday Run/Hike

With deep regret I have to announce ACH3's Sunday runs are canceled until further notice due to Corona and the Lockdown.

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2091 9/2/2018 Go to Porac, turn right at bridge and head west 3.3Km to start at SLEX underpass, Villa Maria Rd. Should be about 5 km trail. On home at Barbarino's in Zeppelin St, Hensonville. dances with dogs and haystack
2090 8/26/2018 Mainang. BamBam. Go over BamBam Bridge. Turn left on to Mainang Road. 7km from turn to start. Thru Mainang to end of concrete road on to gravel road to start. Single trail. 6.5km. No steep inclines or declines. Scenery mixed (nice). 4 recons this week alone to ensure trail is safe and suitable for all. Some rain likely. On Home at Premiere. Guardian Angel
2089 * 40th Anniversary Run 8/19/2018 San Martin. Change of parking: park at the normal spot on top. One trail with runners loop. Please show up early to register and to get t-shirt! On home is Premiere. Food at On home. Cost: Men 1000 peso, Women 750, Kids 600 Saput & Proposition
2088 8/12/2018 Bamban, at Mango Tree Grove: over bridge to nowhere, right at T junction, past rock/gravel plant, over steel bridge, continue along the walled complex on the left, turn left at the end of the wall onto dirt road. Continue to Y in the road, look for marks leading to parking entrance. GPS coordinates: 15*14’56.23” 120*31’30.29” or N15.2489 E120.5251 Three trails: Easy, Medium, and Difficult (5km) All dry feet (except puddles), one (smallish) hill for the difficult trail. All trails start at the direction of the hares, no early comers! Difficult trail is marked with red spray paint. Circle under the trees, on home at Premier. See attached map for directions. Scatman & Suso
2087 8/5/2018 Take road from Porac to Dinalupihan. Turn right at Sweet Crystals Sugar Mill sign. About 1km turn left after Expressway underpass. 600m turn right to small wooded clearing. Long 7.5 km, Short 5.5Km, lovely countryside, small hills, much new trail, a new bridge - the "Bridge to Somewhere". On Home Premier. dances with dogs
2086 7/29/2018 Across the bridge to nowhere at the Helo pad. Across the bridge, turn right at the 1st tee, 1st left going up the hill on concrete, bear right at the top. On the right. Short 5k and long 6.5. On Home Premiere. Soggy Butt and Lost Soles
2085 7/22/2018 Cuayan: Turn off the Fil-Am highway at Police Station 5. Go past brgy Manuali and take first right after the tunnel to open field. If raining on the day circle will be moved to under SCTEX bridge. Access road near cell tower will be marked. Short 6Km / Long 8Km On home Premiere Egghead
2084 7/15/2018 Under Bridge to Nowhere. Drive over the bridge. Take 1st left drive under bridge. Long 7k, short 4.5k. On home Premiere. Induces and Helper(s)
2083 7/8/2018 BRNG Jalung Porac Take the Angeles Porac road to Porac, continue straight past bridge until road ends, turn LEFT to the first street, turn RIGHT and continue to Jalung school, go RIGHT to the river, cross on the small bridge. Beautiful trail. ON HOME PREMIER Bush Diver
2082 7/1/2018 San Martin ... park by the roadside at the top of Propo's driveway at the far end of San Martin village ... usual hash start! 2 trails ... 5km for short and 8km for long! On-home will be at Premiere Hotel! Proposition and Never Enough
2081 6/24/2018 Bridge to nowhere. Start at Mango Orchid next to Magic Mountain Adventure Park. (If really bad weather maybe move to under bridge.) Either way, make first left after you cross the bridge and there will be marks from there to the starting point. One trail for all at this point, approx 5-6 k. Kaput and Floppy Dick are helping with the trail, so don't worry. On home, Wild Boozer. There will be free food at Wild Boozer to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary!!! Mini D'muncher and helpers
2080. 6/17/2018 Town Run, even though it's stopped rain today, it would be very wet and muddy in the countryside, So town run it is.. Two trails one 4k and another one longer.. On-Home Niagara. Two Bottles & Sirena.
2079 6/10/2018 Across bridge to nowhere. Right at T. Past rock crushing plant. Over steel bridge. .9k turn left into a field for parking. Will mark. Long 7+. Short 4+. Nothing too difficult but with rain expect wet feet. Advise against dogs on the long. Will be cattle in parking area so if you have pets pls mind them. On home Premier. soggy butt @ Keep The Change
2078 6/3/2018 Barangay Baliti near Gintung Pak Pak up Arayat way Take the road to Magalang and turn right at the Jolly Bee going to Arayat. Look for the sign going to Gintung Pak Pak which is by a trike stand. Turn left and drive to just before the bridge. Turn left again there is another sign to Gintung Pak Pak. Continue down that road for about 1 km and park just past Baliti Lake. Beautiful trails. On home Premier Hotel. Bush Diver
2077 5/27/2018 Clark Adventure park. Over the Bridge to nowhere, take the first left turn. Go a few hundred meters back toward the river then at the T turn right and follow the road up to the top of the hill to the Clark Adventure park. Start point is about 200 meters east of the Go cart track, near the mango trees. Short trail is 4 km and the Long about 8 km On-Home is the Premier Hotel The Aeta children will be happy if you bring some candies. Tight ass & Shoots first
2076 5/20/2018 Cuayan, drive west past the police station on corner of Friendship Hwy and Poinsettia Avenue, follow the dike, after SCTEX underpass take first right and continue 400 meter to field. Same start as April fools day run. (Click on run # for map) 2 trails, Short 5 km and Medium trail 7 km with steep hills. Socks recommended for the Medium trail. On home is Premiere Hotel See More Stains & Master Bates & Bonsai
2075 5/13/2018 ANOTHER Update Due to alcohol ban in force ... Start is over the bridge to nowhere first corner on left at the Magic Mountain sign ... after run will transfer to Propo Pad at San Martin for circle .. Propo requested that you park vehicles on road above house .. no room down below Short is 4 kms .... long is about 7 kms easy run for everyone considering the hot weather lately. On home is Premier Hotel Finger in the Dyke & Honey Dew
2074 5/6/2018 Anunas. This Sunday's run will start at the Dragon fruit farm same as April 15th run. Turn left before cement plant, first right after paved bridge, turn right just before road goes downhill, Short 4.7 km, Long 7.7km. Both runs virtually flat. A third to half short run is new, and similar amount shaded. Paparazzi
2073 4/29/2018 Barangay Cuayan Just after you pass under the clark subic toll rd Go down Frienship hwy past timog pk turn right at Poinsettia ave Barangay Cuayan police station follow that rd around the dyke too the express way once you pass under it look for marks and parking on the right about 100mtrswe have started from this spot before .The trail is about 7/8 klm not really sure no gps gradual hill if you don,t want to do longer trail and wet feet turn back at the top lost in subic+Hynd tit
2072. 4/22/2018 Dip by river. From the bridge to nowhere, turn right at San Vicente, turn left at rock crushing, turn right at village, turn right at next fork, then follow the track down to the river. We've been there before. Click on Run No. for map. A pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll. Long about 7-8k with a hill, short about 5-6k with only little bumps. On on at Premiere Nancy Boy