Sunday Run/Hike

Who: Strictly Men Only
When: Once a Month - Determined by Hare
Price: Determined by Hare on the day (to cover transport and drinks)

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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421 4/23/2022 St. Georges Day run. Start Premier Hotel 3 PM. Please bring your England shirt if you have one as it also a tribute run to Seemore Stains. A to B run. transport available for backpacks etc. on home has shower and pool so bring towel.3 trails Medium, Short, and Cripple. Bumsteer & Suso
420 3/26/2022 3 PM start from Premier Hotel. There will be transport for your backpacks to the on home A to B run Easy 5 km run through the scenic sights of Angeles City. Some delicious street food on the trail if hungry. Trucka
419 2/26/2022 3 PM start at Maxies Restobar just down from Valdes Store. Those with cars know where to park as you know where we will end up. Not a hard trail probably about 5 KMS. kaput & Trucka & Honeydew
418 2/5/2022 Not Premiere No Unfortunately not Nancy Boy
417 1/22/2022 Start Jollibee Friendship 3 PM finish TBA park cars near Premier Hotel we will finish near there. That's the start and finish worked out just got to work out the middle bit. honeydew and trucka
416. 12/18/2021 Starts Premiere at 3.00Pm. Please note it's only a short hike, please bring your Xmas hat and plenty of candy as we hope to meet up with banana man to give out candy to the kids.If you don't want to do the Run, On-Home is Premiere. Keep the Change & Lost Soles.
415 11/20/2021 Leaves Hang Out 3 PM Flat 4 To 5 KMS. no wet feet. kaput & Trucka
413 9/24/2021 Premier Hotel Friday Will be Seemore Stains inspired run. Dancing With Dogs will have memorial shirts at on home if you ordered one, and we will wear them to SMS favorite bar after circle. Trucka
412. 8/21/2021 3pm from Jamera hotel opposite the Premiere. No run fee. Short town run, the hares will be there to let people know where the on home will be. Please bring your England shirt if you have to wear at the on home in Memory of John.😐😐 Keep the change and helper.
411 7/17/2021 Angeles City Expat Life, 56 Mabini Street Park at Premier Hotel. It will be marked to start. Approx 400 Mts.Short just on 3 Kms. Long is longer. 200 pecos per hasher for drinks at on home. Smack My Arse & Trucka
410 6/26/2021 3pm at Premiere Hotel No trail | no running | this is a walking bar hop | follow the hare from bar to bar | P300 bar hop fees Proposition & Wild Wolf
409 5/29/2021 Premiere Hotel Lost Sole
408 3/20/2021 Start 3 PM Premier Hotel Fun afternoon Lost Soles
407 2/6/2021 start Jollybee 3 PM finish Premiere. Fun day Nancy Boy
406 1/23/2021 A to A from Premier Hotel Bring you Scamdemic gear. More info to follow. Padi Pacquiao & Trucka
405. 12/19/2020 Unknown. Bring all the covid gear and ID. Two Bottles.
404 3/21/2020 With a heavy heart I need to announce the BEACH run this Saturday is postponed until further notice because of the lock down. With a heavy heart I need to announce the BEACH run this Saturday is postponed until further notice because of the lock down. Padi Pacquiao & Trucka
403 2/22/2020 Starts from Premiere Distance not known yet, but for sure shorter than a Bushranger. Lost soles
402. 1/18/2020 Run details will be given at the Start. T̶r̶a̶n̶s̶p̶o̶r̶t̶, s̶o̶ a̶ 1̶0̶0̶ p̶e̶s̶o̶ p̶e̶r̶ h̶a̶s̶h̶e̶r̶ UPDATE.. Cancel the transport, MEET at Jollibee Friendship. 3pm... CAR drivers, leave your transport in the vicinity of Premiere, then walk to Jollibee..😂.. Nancy Boy.
401 12/21/2019 Premier Hotel Christmas candy run. Bring your Christmas hat and candy for the kids. 100 pisos per hasher for drinks.A to B run. 2 trails short 2.5 KMS long will be longer.On home not far from Premier for those with cars. kaput, Banka Blower, Trucka