Full Moon Hash

Who: Mixed. Adult only. Short run with unlimited drinks.
When: Once every full moon
Price: Men 200 Peso, Women 150 Peso

Upcoming Full Moon Hash runs

Previous Full Moon Hash runs

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#25 12/17/2013 Brass Knob Dec Full Moon Will be on the Night of the Full Moon !!!!!! It will be on Tue Dec 17th !!!!!!!!! So Bring your Torches & come and enjoy a easy walk under the Dec Full Moon!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
24 11/15/2013 Margarita Station Bring a Torch & come enjoy a walk under the Full Moon !!!!!! Then enjoy some Cold Beers after the Walk !!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
23 10/25/2013 Margarita Station Due to 3 other hash Clubs having their Anniv. Runs in Oct !!!!! The Angeles Full Moon ( Sleepy Hallow Full Moon ) will be on Friday, 25th Oct !!!!! Still in the Rain Season so Come Prepared for the Weather !!! See U all Hashers On the Full Moon !!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
22 a 9/20/2013 Brass Knob Had a good turn out for the Aug Full Moon on the Friday the 23rd !!! So lets do it again on Friday, Sept 2oth at the Brass Knob !! Don't forget it is the Rainy Season , or getting to the end of it any way, so come prepared !!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
22 8/23/2013 Brass Knob !!!!!!!!! As usual Aug full Moon will start & finish at the Brass Knob !!! As before we are in the Middle of the Rainy Season . So come per paired with Flash Lite , Umbrella , or lite Rain Jacket !!!! See U all on the Friday 23 Aug for this Months Full Moon !!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
# 21 7/26/2013 Brass Knob Once again want to remind all Full Moon hashers as to it's the Rainy Season , so come prepared with u8mbrella's & rain coats!!!!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
# 20 6/25/2013 Margerita Station Tue June 25th 2013 It's the Rainy season , bring an Umbrella or rain coat !!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
# 18 5/24/2013 full moon will start at Margerita station Friday may 24th The Full Moon Hash for May is an A to A trail!!!!!! Since we have had some good Thunder Storms in the Afternoons , would not hurt to bring a Good Torch & Umbrely !!!!! It could be just a Tad Wet!!!!!! hahahah Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
19 4/25/2013 Will start from the Brass Knob Bring a "torch" and enjoy a walk under the Full Moon on April 25th 2013 Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
Full Moon # 16 3/26/2013 Margarita Station Start & finish at Margarita Station on Tue 26th March. Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
Full Moon # 15 2/23/2013 Brass Knob Come & enjoy a short walk under a Full Moon & then enjoy a few Cold Ones with Fellow full Moon Hashers!!!!!! Can't beat Price !! hahahah rusty nail
#13 on Sat ,Dec 29th 2012 12/29/2012 Brass Knob !!!!!!! Be a shorter trail than normal ( by 1/2 K ) hahahah will be 3 beer stops as asked for !!!!! come & enjoy the Evening & meet your fellow Hashers for a few cold Beers!!!!Last Full Moon Hash of 2012 !!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
13 11/27/2012 Margerita Station There will be 3 drink stops During the walk/run !!!!!! Drink stop is Pay as You Go !!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
12 10/27/2012 Brass Knob There will be 3Beer Stop and please bring flash lights with you. About the weather if it is raining bad, it may move next week Thursday. 0n-0n! RUSTY NAIL & CHERRY GOD FATHER
0010 9/29/2012 Brass Knob !!!!! Will be 2 or 3 Adult Drink Stops towards the end of the Trail!!!! So come & enjoy the Sleepy Hallow Full Moon on Sat 29th Sept 20012!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father
011 9/29/2012 Brass Knob Rusty Nail
010 9/28/2012 Brass Knob Rusty Nail
x 9/28/2012 Brass Knob short circuit
11 8/31/2012 The start for Friday 31 Aug will be the Brass Knob. Wear your Sleepy Hallow Full Moon Jacket's & T-shirts !!!!!!!! Rusty Nail & Cherry God Father