Sunday Run/Hike

British Empire and American Colonies #449

Saturday, July 27, 2024

Time: 3Pm start Palms resort

Location: Palms Resort. First Street not far from SM Mall and over from Astro Park

Remarks: No run fees pay as you go.

Hare: Trucka and Banka Blower

Who: Strictly Men Only
When: Once a Month - Determined by Hare
Price: Determined by Hare on the day (to cover transport and drinks)

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

449 7/27/2024 Palms Resort. First Street not far from SM Mall and over from Astro Park No run fees pay as you go. Trucka and Banka Blower

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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433 4/1/2023 No beach in Angeles? Don't be a fool! Find out at Jolibee Friendship! Nancy boy
427 10/15/2022 Starts at Premiere, P200 sign up, easy town stroll, refreshment stop along the way Wingnut & Trucka
409 5/29/2021 Premiere Hotel Lost Sole
354 2/20/2016 BEACH oustation run on Saturday 20th Feb 2016. Meeting 2:30pm (no longer 3pm) at Johanssons, Barrio Baretto. Transport options - share a ride, taxi, fly the bus, Southern Cross, Victory Liner, cycle, walk or stay over night and come back Sunday morning. Standard BEACH traditions, MEN only, short trail and lots of fun. At last a BEACH run on the BEACH? Bloody Fairy and/or Deep Throat
338 8/16/2014 Somewhere out there. Single Malt
No. 326 9/28/2013 Shhh.. 2 Bottles
314 10/16/2012 2 Bottles
313 9/15/2012 Panzer + S & M Man
311 6/23/2012 not telling Soggy
308 3/24/2012 2 Bottles
306 1/24/2012 Porac (not the mango trees) Single Malt
302 10/29/2011 Deeo Throat + 2 Bottles
301 9/27/2011 Pussy Licker
300 8/20/2011 TBA Single Malt
6/2011 6/11/2011 TBA Pussy Licker
296 4/12/2011 Single Malt
440 10/28/2023 Jolliebee Friendship 4.5 KM trail followed by much fun and laughter. Park your cars near Night Moves. Transport for your backpacks to on home available. Trucka & Yakkidiyak
365. 1/21/2017 BEACH IS CANCELLED. HARE IS NOT WELL. Two Bottles.
385 8/18/2018 Leave Premier 3.00 Pm P300 per hasher to cover Transport & light refreshments. 2 trails Short about 4 kms. Long is longer.Also t shirt available so bring extra money. Trucka & Honey Dew & Bunka Blower
319 2/19/2013 Make your own way to old friendship gate,Aim to be there at 3.00pm. await instructions from Hares, The run is A to B, if you have a bag the hares will transport it to B.. You will be confronted with the Wonders of our environment,Enjoy, as you might not pass this way again... morphine and S & M. Man.