Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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2257 5/8/2022 Sapang Bato. Drive past the cemetery for another 2km. The gate is open. Don't be too early. ~7km run. Bring a hat and water, this is summer time. Two Bottles & Sirena
2256 5/1/2022 The run this week will be in Porac. The same location I used a couple times recently. Directions: Proceed to the center of Porac Town. Turn right at bridge and go past City Hall. Keep Going straight about 1 km and just past the RRG Water Refilling Station, you will see a marked turn to the right. Follow the dirt road and marks to the run site. The trail is approximately five and a half km. I might add long loop on Sunday. Floppy Dick, Two Snakes and Not Yet
2074 5/6/2018 Anunas. This Sunday's run will start at the Dragon fruit farm same as April 15th run. Turn left before cement plant, first right after paved bridge, turn right just before road goes downhill, Short 4.7 km, Long 7.7km. Both runs virtually flat. A third to half short run is new, and similar amount shaded. Paparazzi
2067 3/18/2018 Under bridge to nowhere. 5 km and 7 km. On home Premiere Vlad the impaler and honey dew
2025 5/28/2017 Its across the bridge to nowhere first junction on left. Short 4k Medium 6k Long 7+k Deviant & soggy butt
1986 8/28/2016 Same run site as Soggy 3 weeks ago, just past Friendship Gate right turn that goes under the viaduct. It will be a different trail than last time. On On will be at Muncher's watering hole opposite La Teresita hotel in Elisa St. Note: make your own way to run site- P7 jeepney. Also, food available at on on. Piss Stop and Minnie d'Muncher
1982 7/31/2016 Coming from SCTEX expressway, take Porac exit. At junction with Angeles-Porac Road go across on to dirt road and start is about 200m ahead. Coming from Angeles turn left at the same point onto the dirt road. Almost flat, about 7K. Completely new virgin trail. On home Premier hotel. dances with dogs and Cujo
1967 4/17/2016 Go across bridge to nowhere and park near dirt road on left hand side, the usual location. Park on the main paved road because the dirt road is under construction. If there's a problem with this location on Sunday we will try to move up the hill and park on the right. I now estimate the run run is approx. 7-8 kilometers. The run goes around Paradise Ranch (but does not enter it). Be careful not to go into Paradise Ranch private property. If you do, someone may ask you for entrance fees. I have decided to do the run in the opposite direction (thanks Single Malt for the idea). So instead of climbing the grassy hill, we will be descending it. That makes it much easier. The hill is still challenging and quite steep. However it is not dangerous and I believe almost all hashers can do it. For those who can't or don't want to go down this hill, this is the obvious place to turn around and do an on-back to the start. On home is Premiere. Floppy dick and Cujo
Baguio 2/13/2016 Baguio
1790 11/25/2012 Rock Crushing Plant past San Vicente past Bridge to Nowhere. Flat and easy run about 8,8 km long. A to A. On Home is Margarita. Panzer
1784 10/14/2012 Dinosaur Park on Base. Bakla Banger & Smack my Arse
1783 10/7/2012 Peace Shrine on Lily Hill. Drive along C.M. Recto, turn left at Gil. J. Puyat Ave then up the hill on the right. A to A run. Panzer
1780 9/16/2012 not TBA, Rumor is A to B 2 Bottles + Sirena
1767 6/17/2012 Two Bottles & Sirena
1762 5/12/2012 Sabang Bato, Cemetery 2 Bottles + Low Batt
1758 4/15/2012 Villa Maria underpass. Dances with Dogs & Lowerprofile
Mt Arayat Outstation 2/10/2012 Baguio Single Malt
1745 1/15/2012 Hole in the Wall at Marcos Village. Drive along Centennial Road pass Expo until road ends. Turn left towards Fontana Golf Course. Approx. 1 km between Expo and the Hole in the wall. A >> A Panzer + Single Malt
1736 11/13/2011 TBA TBA
1722 8/7/2011 TBA Cujo + Kaputt