Sunday Run/Hike

With deep regret I have to announce ACH3's Sunday runs are canceled until further notice due to Corona and the Lockdown.

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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1662 6/13/2010 Bridge to Nowhere
1660 5/30/2010 Bridge To Nowhere to Near Bridge To Nowhere
1935 9/6/2015 Bridge to nowhere. Park on dirt road on left after crossing over bridge. The usual location. On home Niagara Floppy dick
2081 6/24/2018 Bridge to nowhere. Start at Mango Orchid next to Magic Mountain Adventure Park. (If really bad weather maybe move to under bridge.) Either way, make first left after you cross the bridge and there will be marks from there to the starting point. One trail for all at this point, approx 5-6 k. Kaput and Floppy Dick are helping with the trail, so don't worry. On home, Wild Boozer. There will be free food at Wild Boozer to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary!!! Mini D'muncher and helpers
1717 7/3/2011 Bridge to Nowhere. A-A Independence Day Run Cujo and Floppy Dick
2083 7/8/2018 BRNG Jalung Porac Take the Angeles Porac road to Porac, continue straight past bridge until road ends, turn LEFT to the first street, turn RIGHT and continue to Jalung school, go RIGHT to the river, cross on the small bridge. Beautiful trail. ON HOME PREMIER Bush Diver
1659 5/23/2010 Car Park Past True North
2028 6/18/2017 Cauayan - Go South on Friendship hwy, Turn west at the police station, through Cauayan. and Manuali, under the expressway and go another 300 meters to the truck parking area. A to A run. One short difficult section which I may have to drop if it's muddy. Otherwise your normal flat Cauayan run. Probably wet feet unless we are lucky. On On Premiere. cujo
1890 10/26/2014 Cauayan - Turn right at the police station on Friendship hwy then all the way to the dike and turn left (Same direction as last week). Follow this road for 1.5 km to a y - left fork goes to the SCTEX underpass, go right toward start point which is another 350 meters near the river. {See picture} a-a run, some bush bashing but fairly easy. On On Premiere hotel Floppy Dick/cujo
1778 9/2/2012 Cauayan. On the friendship Highway turn west at the Police station near Timog Park, go to the end of that road (About 2 km) until the dike and turn left. Go 1.5 km to the start at a Y in the road. Before I had two trails: No more. About 6.7 km mostly easy with some bad brush in places. cujo
1730 10/2/2011 Cauyan Underpass. Take Friendship Highway. Turn right at Cop Shop. Drive through barrio, follow dike. At Manueli school follow power line to Underpass. A >> A - On Home Anchorage. Difficulty: 4.5 7.5kms. Wet feet. Rusty Nail + Boom Boom Moses
1829. 8/25/2013 Cauyan. Right at the police Stn. on Friendship Hiway, all the way to the end, turn left, and about 1.5km to start.(where Cujo started a few months back).. A to A. about 8km, mainly flat and No wet feet!well hopefully..On-Home Niagara.Sorry for the late posting, computer problems.. Single Malt and Sipsip.
1881 8/24/2014 Cauyan/Manuli Underpass on Tollway. Go out Perimeter Road to Friendship Highway. Turn left, proceed to Police Station/Enclave intersection. Turn Right. Thru Cauyan to dike road. Left. Follow to underpass. . A-A Run. Wet feet, 1 difficult climb. Approx 6km. Degree of difficulty:Moderate. BBMoses will instruct Cripples of easier routes for a token sum... Note: Please bring candy for Aeta kids at Tip-Tip Village. OnHome: Margarita Station SurfBoard/Thunder Chicken
1889 10/19/2014 Cauyan/Manuli Underpass on Tollway. Go out Perimeter Road to Friendship Highway. Turn left, proceed to Police Station/Enclave intersection. Turn Right. Thru Cauyan to dike road. Left. Follow to underpass. . A-A Short Run WILL BE 4.5K couple of hills, Medium Run 7.5K one more hill Maybe able to avoid wet feet, depends on weather. On Home at Premiere Hotel, Malabanias St Bumsteer
1703 3/27/2011 Cawayan Underpass
1697 2/13/2011 Cement Factory, Friendship
1663 6/20/2010 Cement Factory, Friendship
1791 12/2/2012 Cement plant past Friendship,make your own way to Friendship, and continue on towards the Cement Plant to pick up the start of Trail.. A to B. B is only 1km from start, going towards Margot. On-Home Margarita. Saput & Weak shaft
1919. 5/17/2015 Change of Plan, because of unexpected problems, today's run is in town, start at Premiere, and the run will end at Niagara. A to B. On-Home Niagara. Car drivers need to have there vehicles at B' or after the run go back to Premiere to pick them up.. 2 Bottles and Sirena.
1725 8/28/2011 Change of Plan-because of weather, Start is at Clark Museum, bottom of parade ground, the end is opposite McDonalds, the under cover area. On-Home Margarita. Saput and morphine