Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

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1817 6/2/2013 Bamban. Click run# to see google earth. Over Bridge to nowhere all the way. Turn right at San vicente, then right at the rock crushing plant. Across the Bamban river next to the broken Bailey bridge. Left after 700 m at the end of the wall. 800 m. to the next wall. A-A. Same place Induces did a run a couple months ago. The river ford has been built up so it is a road now, cars can cross. On On Margarita Cujo/Floppy Dick
2001. A space Odyssey. 12/11/2016 Bamban. MacArthur to the Coathanger bridge, on for 300m, turn Left, then first Right, on until you see my Silver Vitara. Short trail 5Km. Medium 6Km, split is 500m from the start. The road from SM Clark to the Mabalacat gate is open, might help some, or you can always go though Base. Click on Run No for map. On-Home Premiere. Morphine, Smack my Arse, and Golden Shower.
1917. 5/3/2015 Bamban. take MacArthur Hiway to Bamban, go over Coat hanger bridge, on for 300M, then turn left, continue on that road for 2K's, then it's a right turn before the Bailey bridge, There is a high wall and new concrete road, continue on until you see the Red gate.. You can also go through Base, then over the bailey bridge, next left. Run of about 7Km, moderate hills, no wet feet. On-Home Premiere hotel.Click on Run No. for Map. Induces and helpers.
1801. 2/10/2013 Bamban. take MacArthur Hiway to Bamban, go over Coat hanger bridge, then turn left, continue on that road for 2K's, then it's a right turn before the Bailey bridge, keep going for about 1-1.5K's. turns will be marked in Calsomine. . NOTE! on-Home is Brass Knob. If you don't want to go MacArthur, go though Base, and approach the bailey bridge from the other direction..Click on run No. for map.. Induces Mens. & Girls.
1822 7/7/2013 Bamban.Disused Shell gas Station, right hand side MacArthur Hwy.500m before the bridge. A to A. On-home Margarita.A hash run for all physical abilities...... Soggy dickhead
1934. 8/30/2015 Bamban.MacArthur highway to Bamban, over the bridge(coathanger) continue on for 300m, then left turn, on for about 1.5km, area to park on you right, will be marked. Short and Medium trails, there will a split at the 2km mark,Short is Right, Med/Long is Left. On-Home Marble Inn. Soggy DH. & Mini D’Muncher.
2100. 11/4/2018 Bamban.Mango Trees. Over the Bridge to Nowhere, right at the "T" junction, past rock crushing plant, over Bailey bridge, take left turn at end of long wall, follow track for about 1 km to mango trees. Turn-off will be marked. 5km and 7Km.. the long could be wet feet. Enjoy Hashers.. On-Home Premiere. Sirena+Stolen Property +Raging Cow.
2078 6/3/2018 Barangay Baliti near Gintung Pak Pak up Arayat way Take the road to Magalang and turn right at the Jolly Bee going to Arayat. Look for the sign going to Gintung Pak Pak which is by a trike stand. Turn left and drive to just before the bridge. Turn left again there is another sign to Gintung Pak Pak. Continue down that road for about 1 km and park just past Baliti Lake. Beautiful trails. On home Premier Hotel. Bush Diver
2151 10/27/2019 Barangay Cauyan. On Friendship highway turn east at police station 5. Go to the end of that road 1.7 km and turn left along the dike. After 450 meters turn hard right downhill on steep dirt road. Across dry riverbed and continue on that road 400 meters to the start. See Google earth image for run number 2 trails 4K and 6K Guardian angel, skywanker, Joe
2073 4/29/2018 Barangay Cuayan Just after you pass under the clark subic toll rd Go down Frienship hwy past timog pk turn right at Poinsettia ave Barangay Cuayan police station follow that rd around the dyke too the express way once you pass under it look for marks and parking on the right about 100mtrswe have started from this spot before .The trail is about 7/8 klm not really sure no gps gradual hill if you don,t want to do longer trail and wet feet turn back at the top lost in subic+Hynd tit
2258 5/15/2022 Barangay Manuali. Close to the chicken manure field. There are two ways to reach the dike road in Cuayan. One is the usual road through brgy Cuayan from police station 5 at Friendship Hwy/Poinsettia Av. The second is from the cement factory, close to Friendship gate, through brgy Anunas over the new bridge to the dike road. When there, follow dike road past brgy Manuali's brgy hall, under SCTEX and then a right turn to the road to field. Decimal position: 15.141881, 120.513702. Click on run # for maps. Only one 5 km trail. Not miles - kilometers. Nice trail with two small hills to go up but only one down. It must be magic! Don't shortcut over the farmers newly planted fields. We want to come back. Also keep all dogs on a leash. Welcome! Vendor Bender & Suso
2169 3/1/2020 Barangay Mawaque, near Mabiga. GPS Co-ordinates: 15.214186, 120.588291 From the Mabiga exit on MacArthur Highway, go 400 metres north on the highway and take the second turn on the right down Mawaque Road at the Western Union sign. Go 1.4 kms down Mawaque Road and immediately before the NLEX overpass turn left through the arch marked Bgy Mawaque. Go 800 metres down this road through the barangay. Immediately before you again reach a humpback overpass of NLEX, there are two dirt roads to the left. Take the first of these two paths and drive for 300 metres towards the building with Don Bosco written on the roof. Trails: Short 4 kms. Medium 5 kms. Long 7 kms. All very easy and flat. The trail goes along the Quitingal River and around the lush farms of Mawaque and Dapdap. Sunshine John and Hellboy (with much help from Purgatory).
1952. 1/3/2016 Barrio Pio in between Sugar Mill and Porac, Turn off on the Pio Arch and will be splattered with powder every turn off. Bring your Wellies. Single Malt & Sip Sip In
1995. 10/30/2016 Barrio Pio,Porac. At the bridge in Porac turn left, and proceed to old road to Subic, bare right, continue on for about 4Km, then it's a right turn that will be marked, continue down to river bank. Short trail is 4.5Km, long 7.5Km.Easy to moderate trails, wet feet!please bring candy for Aeta kids.Same start as Single malt & Sip Sip in January. On-Home Premiere.The Map I have put on, IS incorrect! disregard it.Now deleted.. Guardian Angel & Fallen Angel.
1952 1/3/1916 Barrio PIO. The middle between Porac and the Sugar Mill. The turn off on the Pio arch will be splattered with powder. Bring your Wellies. Single Malt & Sip Sip In
1702 3/20/2011 Base, opposite McDonalds
1775 8/12/2012 Because of the weather, the final decision as to the run location will probably be make on Saturday. Watch this space.OK, these are the details- Go over the bridge to nowhere, as you start going up the hill, turn left at the sign for Paradise ranch,continue on for 700m, park before the gate to the ranch. On-Home Niagara, the run is A to B.. 2bottles & Madilyn
1941D 10/17/2015 Because of Typhoon Koppu no out of town run today SUNDAY! /Vendor Bender Town walk from Premiere instead (if you don't mind beeing wet) (The date is wrong - I know - But I couldn't get this information to publish before Soggy Butts run info otherwise) Who knows?
2014 3/12/2017 Behind the new water park being built on base. From Bicentennial Park, drive as far as possible. Turn right in front of the water park then swing around to left behind the park and drive till the road runs out. Long trail about 9km. 2 long / short splits, shortest distance 6.5km. Not too strenuous but you will get wet feet. On on at the Premiere. Nancy Boy
1854 2/16/2014 Bgy Manuali, Porac. Corner of Friendship Avenue/Poinsettia Ave, at police station 5, turn West through Bgy Cuayan. Turn left at water tower and follow the dike. There will be calcimine marks closer to start. 6 km for walkers, with only small hills. 8.6 easy km for runners. If you have short legs or don't jump far, you might get wet feet. Little bit dusty in some parts. Runners! - Bring some candy for the kids in the small Aeta village you will be passing. On home Margarita Station Vendor Bender & Tingle Man