Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

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2024 5/21/2017 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at T. Stay on concrete road PAST rock crushing plant. Over steel bridge. Just past concrete wall on Left hand side turn left onto the concrete road and follow until you reach the mango grove. There will be a split about 2km, stay straight. Mango grove on the right about 100 meters after the split. Medium trail about 6.5k. Longer trail a bit over 7.5k. On home is on site so bring a bbq grill if you have one and food. I will have a grill as will Saput. Anyone else bringing a grill would be a great help. We will do a bonfire. soggy butt @ Nigel
2118 3/10/2019 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at the T. Across the steel bridge. Left after the concrete wall on to the Mango Grove. 1 trail about 6-6.5 k. Nothing hard. On home Premier. soggy butt
2003 12/25/2016 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at the T. Left at the rock crushing plant. 1st right onto dirt road. Follow powder down to river. About 6.5 k, 1 trail, wet feet. On Home Premier Hotel. soggy butt
1963 3/20/2016 Across the bridge to nowhere. Right at the T. Left at the rock crushing plant. Right at the 1st real dirt road. Follow the dirt road until the right turn going down to the river (abt 3 k). Run starts at river. Route will be marked with powder. Long 7.5 k Short 5 k. Both wet feet. will be marked with paper, powder, YELLOW Tape. Location changed due to road construction. On home Premier. tingle Man & soggy butt
2096 10/7/2018 Across the spillway. Go past bridge to no where (don't cross it) and when you get to the entrance to SCTEX make a u-turn and make first right on dirt road. Drive down that road and across the spillway to nice scenic grassy area on other side next to the lake. The trail is approx 6 km. Beware of crazy carabao we ran into when rekkying the trail. On home premiere. Note two o'clock start time. Floppy Dick and Cujo
2252 4/3/2022 Adrias Farm, Sitio Balacbac, Barangay San Vicente, Bamban Directions - Across the bridge to nowhere and turn left at the T intersection. Drive for 1.25km and then turn left onto a lane way marked ‘Calbutan Farm /Pools’. Follow this dirt road for about 1km, crossing the creek twice before coming to the circle location Parking will be limited at the run site so please cooperate and park in a way to maximise the amount of available parking. With limited parking and the road coming in being a bit rough possibly car pool with 4wd / SUV where possible (but not impossible for 2wd vehicle) The farm owners will be selling fruit, vegetables (please support them) and also offering Caribou rides for the children @ 50 peso each. Fat hashers extra. Swimming spots along the river also Run - Moderately easy 5km trail with some hills, nice scenery, shady location and plenty of wet feet opportunities along the river. Cherry Arse, The Fugitive and Postman Pat
1896 12/7/2014 ag college - helicopter pad - N15.14.207 E120.31.785 from bridge to no where travel 1.7km to T junction, take a right, travel 500 meters to covered bus stop and take left. follow road up and to the right about 700m until the grassy area on right hand side. please park on road not in the grass for that is where we will have the circle. 2pm start!!!!!! tell your friends. meatless + bush diver
1899 12/28/2014 Ag College. Helicopter Pad Over bridge to nowhere, turn right at junction.Turn left opposite church. At top of hill turn right A to A On home Premier Hotel Bushwanker and Carabao Licker
1832. 9/15/2013 Ag. college, San Vicente.Over the bridge to nowhere, right at the T junction, on for 300m then left up the hill, right at the top, down the hill and you're there. A to A run. On-home Niagara Picasso and mother Duck.
1825. 7/28/2013 Ag. college, San Vicente.Over the bridge to nowhere, right at the T junction, on for 300m then left up the hill, right at the top, down the hill and you're there. A to A. (NOTE: bring umbrellas, rain coats, etc; it's the rainy season. On-Home Margarita. Sodomiser and Kaput.
1793 12/16/2012 Ag. college. San Vicenti,same as last week, only just a little father down the road. A to A. medium run, on-Home Margarita.. Weak Shaft and Bum Steer
2113 2/3/2019 AGPU Run @ Villa Valentine at San Martin! Completed Proposition and Never Enough
1718 7/10/2011 Agricollage area near San Vicente A to A Answer Do + Mother Duck
1734 10/30/2011 Almost A - A. Run starts 300-400m from Cauyan Underpass, ends at the underpass. Take Friendship Highway. Turn right at Cop Shop. Drive through barrio, follow dike. At Manueli school follow power line to Underpass. Medium Run - NOT long aprox 6-7K. A couple of hills. Great Scenery. long john pom & Deep Throat
1689 12/19/2010 Anchorage Inn to Nr. Friendship Gate
2075 5/13/2018 ANOTHER Update Due to alcohol ban in force ... Start is over the bridge to nowhere first corner on left at the Magic Mountain sign ... after run will transfer to Propo Pad at San Martin for circle .. Propo requested that you park vehicles on road above house .. no room down below Short is 4 kms .... long is about 7 kms easy run for everyone considering the hot weather lately. On home is Premier Hotel Finger in the Dyke & Honey Dew
2074 5/6/2018 Anunas. This Sunday's run will start at the Dragon fruit farm same as April 15th run. Turn left before cement plant, first right after paved bridge, turn right just before road goes downhill, Short 4.7 km, Long 7.7km. Both runs virtually flat. A third to half short run is new, and similar amount shaded. Paparazzi
2039 9/3/2017 Anunas. Go south on Friendship hwy over abacan river bridge and after 100m take first right. Follow through Anunas town proper. Turn left going toward cauayan and right at the church. Will be marked. Better, if you know the new bridge downhill from the cement batching plant, come in from that way and turn right. Click run number for map 5.5 Km. Flat, a little bush bashing. Maybe will add longer trail if weather holds.On On Premiere. cujo, Kaput
2066 3/11/2018 Anunas. Go straight at Friendship gate, (as going to Margot) At the cement factory turn left, go over the river bridge then first right, continue on for 250m then right again. Continue 500m, parking at right. Turns will be marked. (Click on run number for map) Fabulous trails!! Dry feet. Short trail 4km. Long trail 7+km. On Home Premiere. Bum Steer & Deaf Cunt
2054 12/17/2017 Anunas. Go straight at Friendship, (as though going to Margot) At the cement factory turn Left, go over the river bridge then first right, continue on for 250m then right again, ( will be marked), On for about 500m+, parking on the right. One trail of about 6/7Km not difficult. Same start as Cujo and Kaput few weeks back.Click on Run No. for Map. On-Home Premiere.. Soggy D/Head.