Sunday Run/Hike

Next weeks Run #2351

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Time: 2:30

Location: Porac. Turn right at the bridge in Porac. Go about 1km and then turn right 50 meters after RRG water station. Turn right after the houses. Follow the main dirt road towards the cell tower. At the chicken farm turn left into Ernesto's field. Turns will be marked

Remarks: Short 4km. Medium 5.5 or 6km. On home Premiere.

Hare: Floppy Dick & Ass Grabber

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 400 Peso, Women 200 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

2351 3/3/2024 Porac. Turn right at the bridge in Porac. Go about 1km and then turn right 50 meters after RRG water station. Turn right after the houses. Follow the main dirt road towards the cell tower. At the chicken farm turn left into Ernesto's field. Turns will be marked Short 4km. Medium 5.5 or 6km. On home Premiere. Floppy Dick & Ass Grabber

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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1737 11/20/2011 SOUTH DAP DAP. From MacArthur Highway turn left onto the Mainang Road which is 500 metres past the Bamban Shrine. Drive all the way to the top. Once on top drive 300/400 metres to the road on the right sign posted Dap Dap. At the bottom of this road turn left then right at the 1st junction. At 2nd junction turn left. The 3rd junction is left again then 300 metres to run start site. From bottom of hill to start is only 5 minutes. If you don't understand this follow one of our jeeps. 8.1kms for everyone. A little bit damp in places. Single Malt & Sip Sip In
1738 11/27/2011 Start 100m inside Sapang Bato gate, on base. A to A. 7km easy run, On-home Niagara, on Santos st. Soggy & Saput
1739 12/4/2011 Dirt road across from checkpoint on Bridge to Nowhere. A >>>>>>> B Remember registration at Margarita Station. Bakla Banger & Smack My Arse
1740 12/11/2011 Exit at Porac interchange. The usual "U "turn. Through the first underpass, continue on for app. 500m park under the tree's on left side. Don't forget- registration at Margarita. The run is A to A. Dances With Dogs & Cujo.
1741 12/18/2011 Same as last week, Porac, park under the mango tree's. A to A. a split in the trail, go left shorter, go right longer.On-home Margarita. Saput & Morphine.
1742 12/25/2011 Local run starting and finishing at Margarita Station A >>> A Not a candy run Bakla Banger
1743 1/1/2012 Local from Margarita Station No Transport. A >>> ??? Bakla Banger
1744 1/8/2012 Baliti Pond, Mt Arayat. Drive to Magalang. At Magalang town turn right at gas station. Approx 2.5kms take a left at the trike terminal. Drive another 2.5 and take the left turn. Do not go straight at this junction. If you cross bridge at the stream you have gone to far. Carry on to Baliti Pond. A >> A. Make sure the front seat jeepney passengers know where they are going. It would nice if our private vehicle drivers timed their arrival to coincide with the jeeps so that everyone could start together like wot we used to do. Bloody hell I just saw a pig flying over Manuela Compound. Weak Shaft & Single Malt
1745 1/15/2012 Hole in the Wall at Marcos Village. Drive along Centennial Road pass Expo until road ends. Turn left towards Fontana Golf Course. Approx. 1 km between Expo and the Hole in the wall. A >> A Panzer + Single Malt
1746 1/22/2012 At Magalang do the left then right turns, on to the roundabout, turn right into the Pampanga agri college, next right turn, and stay on that road for 2km, the start is just off the road to the right. If stopped by the guard at the entrance to the college, say you are going to Bliss. The run is A to A. Click on run Number for map.. Induces + Helpers
1747 1/29/2012 Margot. Take the Sapang bato Rd. from friendship, 700m on from the underpass turn left onto the concrete Rd.park before the bridge.. A to A run.On-Home Margarita Stn. Soggy dickhead
1748 2/5/2012 San Martin area - from the end of bridge to nowhere follow road for 1.8km until the T junction. Turn left and follow road for 4.7km and circle is on your right side. Please park on the street not to interfere with the open area for the circle. A to A run. 6.0 km. Medium hills – one steep short one. Dry feet. On home margaritaville Meatless and Saput
Mt Arayat Outstation 2/10/2012 Baguio Single Malt
1749 2/12/2012 Make your own way to the Cement plant just past Friendship on the Sapang bato rd. ( No Transport Provided. ) A to A Run. 6k. mainly flat. On-Home Margarita Stn. Saput & Urgh-Urgh-Urgh.
1750 2/19/2012 Clark Fuel Depot. Drive past CSEZ Immigration building. Keep going straight at Sapang Bato turn off. Depot is to left and well sign posted. If you go past Bi-Centennial Park you have gone to far. A--A. 8kms. Hills. Weak & Cujo
1751 2/26/2012 Drive to Porac town. Take right turn at bridge taking the Villa Maria road. After 2.5/3.0 kilometres take the left which will be splashed with powder. This takes you to a barrio called Paranganan. Carry on for 200 metres and you are at the run site. A >>> A. (I'm weeping as I write this). 7.0 kilometres. You will come upon a large muddy patch with no way round it. (weeping stops). But not to worry as you still have a nice clean stream to cross where you can scrub the crap of your socks and shoes. Hynd Tit & Single Malt
1752 3/4/2012 The Porac mango trees which have now been chopped down. The U-turn road is being concreted so drive into field 30 metres for alternate track A >>> A. Wet feet. Scrub run for 2nd half. Short-ish. Saput & Urgh-Urgh-Urgh
1753 3/11/2012 Proceed through Sapang Bato, over the second bridge(low) on for approx 1km, top of hill before Target. A to A. on-home margarita. Soggy
1754 3/18/2012 Past bridge to nowhere follow the road all the way to the T. Turn left and go 4.5 Km through San Martin. Start just before the fork going to Santa Rosa and Burog. Same place as the AGPU run was A-A run, Short with steep hills and some bush bashing. On Home Margaritaville Mother Duck, Golden shower, Answer Do
1755 3/25/2012 Floridablanca. SCTEX to floridablanca exit, continue on for 1.5km+. right turn will be marked with powder, road goes back under expressway bridge. A to A. On-home- Strawberry Fields. There's a swimming hole, bring your bathers Wrong Way & Nancy Boy