Sunday Run/Hike

Who: All - Adult themed - Children welcome but Parental discretion advised
When: Every Sunday
Price: Men 350 Peso, Women 150 Peso, Kids 100 Peso for ordinary runs. Special runs like the AGPU or Anniverasy may have different run fees.

Notes from AGM 2020

Upcoming Angeles Hash runs

Previous Angeles Hash runs

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1717 7/3/2011 Bridge to Nowhere. A-A Independence Day Run Cujo and Floppy Dick
1718 7/10/2011 Agricollage area near San Vicente A to A Answer Do + Mother Duck
1719 7/17/2011 St. Nino, rock crushing plant, past bridge to nowhere. A to A then On home to Anchorage. Click on the number 1719 to see a map. Panzer & Morphine
1720 7/24/2011 Porac Dances with Dogs
1721 7/31/2011 A town run from Anchorage Inn. A >> A Soggy Dickhead
1722 8/7/2011 TBA Cujo + Kaputt
1723 8/14/2011 Mt. Arayat Click the Run No. to see Wrongway's Map. Carabao Licker
1724 8/21/2011 Porac. Roch crushing plant. 33rd. Anniversary Run. 7,5 km A >> A wet feet Single Malt + Sip Sip In
1725 8/28/2011 Change of Plan-because of weather, Start is at Clark Museum, bottom of parade ground, the end is opposite McDonalds, the under cover area. On-Home Margarita. Saput and morphine
1726 9/4/2011 Friendship Cement Plant Come on folks put your name down to hare a run Saput & Hynd Tit
1727 9/11/2011 Sacobia, Bridge To Nowhere area A >>> A Cujo
1728 9/18/2011 Planas/Sweet Crystal Sugar Mill area. At Porac town take the Porac / Dinalupihan road. At the Porac river bridge just before Planas take the right turn towards the Sugar Mill. Go all the way to the Expressway Underpass. Take the left turn after the Underpass and it is 1.2kms to the run start site. A >>> B. 6.5kms, 7kms if you find the on back. One wee hill and a narrow stream. Hynd Tit & Single Malt
1729 9/25/2011 Start from the old Friendship gate. No transport so find your own way. A >> B on home is the Anchorage Soggy Dickhead
1730 10/2/2011 Cauyan Underpass. Take Friendship Highway. Turn right at Cop Shop. Drive through barrio, follow dike. At Manueli school follow power line to Underpass. A >> A - On Home Anchorage. Difficulty: 4.5 7.5kms. Wet feet. Rusty Nail + Boom Boom Moses
1731 10/9/2011 Drive to Porac Interchange. After passing through the Toll Booth keep on the road for about 2.5kms. Park near the 6/8 empty sugar cane trucks parked on some clear ground near entrance to Hacienda Dolores. Assuming it is A >> A. Dances With Dogs & Cujo
1732 10/16/2011 if sunny: Start at Target. If you bring your car leave it at the lower bridge in Sapang Bato. if rainy: A to A somewhere else A >> B Difficulty: one hill only Panzer + S&M Man
1733 10/23/2011 Exit at Porac interchange. The usual "U "turn. Through the first underpass, continue on for app. 500m park under the tree's on left side. The Run is A to A. there will be a split on trail, short and long. Any Question? txt Morf. -09212504250 Saput & Morphine
1734 10/30/2011 Almost A - A. Run starts 300-400m from Cauyan Underpass, ends at the underpass. Take Friendship Highway. Turn right at Cop Shop. Drive through barrio, follow dike. At Manueli school follow power line to Underpass. Medium Run - NOT long aprox 6-7K. A couple of hills. Great Scenery. long john pom & Deep Throat
1735 11/6/2011 Ayala. Mt.Arayat.. go through Magalang, turn left then right onto Magalang-Pac Rd.At pampanga Agri College roundabout go left, continue for 1.4k, then a right turn onto a concrete rd,on for 400m to start.hope this is perfectly clear! click on run number for map of start location. Induces & helpers
1736 11/13/2011 TBA TBA